If Your Man Deserve a Treat on Father's Day, Give Him Wood

May 14, 2021 2 min read

If Your Man Deserve a Treat on Father's Day, Give Him Wood

Looking for a thoughtful way to make your man's pulse quicken and his eyes light up on Sunday 20th June without breaking the bank? Luckily for you, your old friend Gnarly Joe® has the perfect answer...

Why not give him an excellent hand-crafted wooden beard comb? Why wood, I hear you ask (well actually, I can't from where I am). There are a number of reasons for this...

Your man has probably invested a great deal of patience, care and passion into growing a beard that he's proud of, so it makes sense to look after it properly. The problem with plastic combs, is they generate static, which makes the hairs unruly and wild, which isn't great for a sleek, controlled look. Plastic also has sharp edges which snag the beard hairs and can pull them out – and that's definitely the last thing he wants.

Gnarly Joe® Beard Combs are made from Green Sandalwood, and it doesn't have either of these problems: It has nicely rounded edges on the teeth which don't pull on hairs, or put strain on the follicles. As it's made from a natural material there's no static, so they hairs will be trained to lay in the direction that he wants them to grow in. This is an excellent way to prevent hairs from doubling back on themselves, which creates ingrown hair and painful spots under the beard.

What's more, the Sandalwood has a lovely musky scent, which is great to be waving around under the nose. The comb has a pleasing heft and weight which feels great in the hand, and it has two sets of different-sized teeth on each face; a wide set for the main body of the beard and the longer hair, and a finer set for the moustache and sideburns.

Each Beard Comb comes in a presentation gift box, with silver embossed logo, wrapped in heavyweight recycled black paper. Each pack also comes with a sticker and a free Grooming Guide, which will give him expert tips on growing a strong and enviable mane.

Admit it, you didn't know there was so much in a humble comb, did you?

If you're feeling fruity, you can find the Beard Combs here. Whilst your at it, you could check here for Beard Shampoo, and here for Triple-Whipped Beard Softener.

Right, I think that's enough hard-sell for one day.

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