Gnarly Joe®: Now a Proud Member of Made In Britain

June 17, 2021 1 min read

Gnarly Joe®: Now a Proud Member of Made In Britain

I'm pleased to announce that, having undergone eligibility tests and submissions, Gnarly Joe® has now been accepted to carry the prestigious Made in Britain mark, which brings together the British manufacturing community, united with the use of the registered collective logo. The mark is protected and can only be used by members of Made in Britain.

Made in Britain states that "By joining our organisation, your business is making it really clear to buyers, specifiers and consumers that you're manufacturing in Britain, and to the very highest standards."

Made in Britain have a rigorous eligibility test, to prove that their members, their suppliers, ingredients, print and packaging are using the highest quality at all points along the supply chain, and are committed to having a positive effect on the economy of Britain.

Minimum eligibility requirements for membership means that manufacturers making physical goods must demonstrate that raw materials and ingredients have undergone a substantial and transformative change as a result of their manufacturing processes in Great Britain. Membership also specifies that one hundred per cent of labour and human resource that makes the finished product displaying the mark, is carried out n Britain.

Gnarly Joe® is proud of this partnership, and of our new Made in Britain badging, which will now be included on all packaging (just as soon as our printers in China can get the artwork done).

Just kidding. Obviously, our print is completed in Britain (by Richard in West Sussex, if you must know).

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