Great Things Happen At Night

March 21, 2022 2 min read

Great Things Happen At Night

Are you looking for the best, natural, long-term (no surgery and no cheat), way to get great skin? Do you want to slow the visible effects of fine lines and wrinkles? Great, read on, because here's a ludicrously simple change that you can make immediately...

A good night-time skincare routine is not only important in achieving optimum skin health; it's essential.

Here's why:

At Night, your body naturally enters into 'repair' mode. Your body is amazing (that wasn't a pick-up line – mine is too – and so is everyones).  Whilst you sleep, your body recovers from the days stresses. This includes your skin, which will have been subjected to grease, dirt, pollution, wind and rain – and the drying effects of air-conditioned environments.

Throughout the night, melatonin and human growth hormone production increases, and skin cells are repaired. By instigating a good night time skincare routine, you effectively help to boost this natural process.

This is doubly important to instigate as you age, because your skin loses its ability to retain moisture. This causes your skin to be more prone to wrinkling, which gives the effect of premature ageing if not treated.

Here's how I recommend you combat this:

STEP 1: Use Gnarly Joe® Exfoliating Face Scrub. This will gently lift dead skin cells in a non-abrasive way, using finely powdered Jojoba grains, suspended in washing gel. These grains are far kinder to our oceans than the plastic micro-beads used in some other exfoliants. Jojoba grains are also gentler on the skin then the harsh pumice found in some other products, which can leave microscopic tears in the skin.

STEP 2: Use Joe's 100% Natural Anti-Ageing Moisturiser Face Serum. Once the fresh, new skin is revealed from using the Face Scrub, apply this potent Serum. It's highly concentrated and made from 100% natural plant oils and botanicals. It delivers valuable nutrients and hydration to your skin – all whilst you sleep. By morning, your skin is plumped and firmed, elasticity is restored, and the visible effects of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced. Plus, as it's concentrated, you'll only need 2-4 drops, which means that each bottle lasts 8 months, delivering superb value!

Both of the above products harmonise perfectly, as they're scented with soothing Ylang-Ylang Orchid and Lavender flower oils, which help promote sleep and relaxation.

STEP 3: Use Gnarly Joe® Marine Gel Eye Serum. This natural Eye Serum is made with Marine Algae, Rose Geranium and Orange Blossom and delivers intense under-eye hydration for tired, puffy eyes and dark circles.

With medium to long-term use, your skin will improve. In fact, most customers feel immediate positive results. If you do decide to try (and I wouldn't waste your time if I didn't think you'd love these products), do drop me a line and let me know how you got on.

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