In Conversation with Gnarly Joe®

October 24, 2020 1 min read

In Conversation with Gnarly Joe®

I was both humbled and honoured to have been invited onto a podcast with Flori from Gloriously Good. I’m a podcast junkie, so this was a lovely opportunity, especially since Flori’s podcasts concentrate on positivity, motivation and inspiration. And let’s face it, who doesn’t need more of that right now? You can hear the interview by > CLICKING HERE <

I hadn't realised that these podcasts are usually around twenty minutes long. Listening back, I’m vaguely embarrassed about how long I prattled on for (but only vaguely). However, once I get the bit between my teeth on a subject I'm passionate about, there’s (apparently) no stopping me, so that's the risk you take when you stick a microphone under my nose.

The podcast was recorded early in 2020, in those innocent and halcyon times when it was still legal to mix with people, meet friends and lick strangers (or is that just dogs, I can never remember). Thanks to the talented Beth Redfern for the illustration, and once again, the Gloriously Good podcast with Gnarly Joe is available HERE.

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