Gnarly Joe® Best Beard Shampoo 2019

November 04, 2019 2 min read

Gnarly Joe® Best Beard Shampoo 2019

Being shy, modest and retiring, I’m reluctant to tell you about the award that has recently been bestowed upon Gnarly Joe® by The Sun newspaper. But seeing as you’ve twisted my arm, I will: Gnarly Joe has been voted Best Beard Shampoo of 2019. There, I said it.

The independent panel of journalists who voted, stated: “This popular natural beard shampoo contains African black soap, cocoa pod ash, hero ingredient argan oil, hydrating shea butter and coconut oil to leave your beard wonderfully conditioned. These ingredients may be all natural, but they pack a punch, helping to calm any itchiness and skin sensitivities and to strengthen hair and encourage your beard to grow.”

They also quoted a customer review: “'Great value for money. One pump is more than sufficient to thoroughly clean a small/medium sized beard. The smell has a pleasant aroma, the shampoo creates a lovely lather with a great texture, and the overall experience is excellent”.

The Sun further commented: “As any man with a beard will tell you, having a beard has its advantages. No more daily facial shaves, plus extra time to snooze in the morning since you’ve skipped the razor time. A beard acts as a built-in winter warmer, and an SPF sun protector in the summer months. Plus, it gives you an air of gravitas, a certain je ne sais quoi - but only if your beard is well-maintained, that is. If you're going to rock a beard, then it should look clean, well-trimmed and, ideally, moisturised. It doesn't hurt for it to smell delicious, either. The general rule is that you should wash your beard as often as you wash your hair, with a beard shampoo, which is typically gentler than a hair shampoo.”

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