Dry, Brittle, Wiry Beard? Great News: There's now a Solution

June 19, 2021 3 min read

Dry, Brittle, Wiry Beard? Great News: There's now a Solution

One of the things I live for, is thinking about skin care problems that customers are experiencing, and starting with a blank sheet to develop a potent and single-minded solution for that problem (yes, I know I need to get out more).

I was inspired by this approach many years ago, when I read that it's how Steve Jobs approached the development of Apple products: Start with the customer first, and work backwards from that – don't just develop products that you then have to work out how to sell.

With that in mind, I'm delighted to announce the launch of >Gnarly Joe® Beard Softener and Face Cream<.

As a long-time beard grower (and wearer), I'd experienced something that most other bearded chaps go through: Wiry, brittle, dry and damaged beard hair, and flaky skin underneath, often with irritated and painful spots. Unlike the hair on your head, you neighbouring beard hair sometimes seems to be made entirely of iron filings, and it's just not pleasant to stroke or touch.

Why does this happen?

As your beard hair grows, it needs moisture to feed itself and thrive, and it takes this moisture from the natural oils (sebum), in your skin and pores. The problem with this, is that now your skin is sharing that supply of nutrients, which means that neither your skin or beard have quite enough to remain healthy.

The result?

Your under-beard skin becomes dry and start to flake. Not only does this cause itchiness and irritation, but it also creates unsightly beard dandruff. Additionally, your beard is malnourished: Dry, brittle and prone to split ends, shedding and breakage... the beard can become wiry and untamed, and doesn't grow strong, thick and healthy, with patchy and bald parts.

The solution:

Many customers had written to me about this, and over the years, I'd launched products that help to tackle this (such as the Award Winning Beard Shampoo), but I still wanted to produce something stronger, which tackled this problem alone, i.e.: Not a product that softens whilst cleaning or helping to style a beard – a standalone product that exists purely to soften a beard and help it to grow thicker and healthier, whilst being soft to the touch. And that's where the Beard Softener and Face Cream comes in. I think you'll like it (unbiased view, obviously).

How does it do this?

This is different to any other product for beards. It's an ultra-thick cream, made with triple-whipped Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter, with plenty of other natural goodness too, such as Coconut Oil, Olives and Camellia Seed, beautifully scented with essential plant oils pressed from the exotic Rose Geranium Bourbon flower, and blended with a hint of spice and musk from nearly-ripe Black Pepper seeds.

As the cream is concentrated and luxuriously thick, you don't need to use much, which means your 75ml tub will last a long time. As the cream is triple-whipped, it feels great to massage into your beard, but especially on darker beards, it may leave some white residue, which will take up to 15 minutes to absorb. This is why I recommend using it as a leave-in overnight treatment (with no need to wash it out in the morning.

Frequent customers will know that I especially love developing leave-in overnight treatments. When we sleep, our bodies naturally go into repair mode, renewing skin cells and tissue. I've noticed that by using harmonious products – made with high quality natural ingredients – and then applying them before bedtime, we can augment and enhance that natural process of repair and regeneration. The results are often startling.

The light, sophisticated floral scent is a great and relaxing scent to have under your nose before you go to sleep too.

You can of course choose to use this cream as often as you wish throughout the day, but just be aware that you may need to apply it in advance of going out, to allow everything to absorb.

If you suffer from any of the beard ailments above, or just want a soft, strokeable, kissable beard, this is especially for you.

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